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See the Latest Forecast with The Weather Channel

Written by Channel 12 Portland. Posted in Homepage

Severe weather, breaking news, and weeklong forecasts can all be found with the help of the Weather Channel Portland Oregon. This entire TV channel dedicated to all things weather related provides residents of the state of Oregon with the most accurate, up to date weather information.

The Weather Channel Portland Oregon is able to provide accurate, reliable weather forecasts because it works with the National Weather Service. This service has a number of radars, satellites, and experienced meteorologists working to help create accurate, reliable forecasts that will help people who are working the NBC Channel Portland weather forecast.

One of the hardest parts of forecasting the weather in the state of Oregon is creating an accurate forecast with all the mountains. Mountains have a habit of blocking or changing weather patterns. This makes it difficult for forecasters that work for the Weather Channel Portland Oregon to create accurate forecasts.

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