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Solar Panels The Obvious Solution, Made Affordable

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Lease solar panels for your home

When it comes to capability, solar power is no different than regular, fossil-fuel-based power. You can use to light your home, heat your water, run your furnace and air conditioner, and keep all your various and sundry electronic gadgets beeping and bipping all day and night. The difference comes in outfitting and installing solar panels for your homes energy needs, so you can rely more on the sun’s rays and less on environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels.

The litany of problems with fossil fuels is fairly well-known. They’re harmful to the environment. They’re running out. They give political lobbyists too much clout in the government. But probably the most accessible and practical complaint about fossil fuel energy is th

How to Make Sure you Never Break Your Phone Again

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Phone battery

We’ve all had the feeling at one point or another. That feeling in the pit of your stomach as you see your smartphone fall out of your pocket and onto the hard surface below. Or worse, that feeling you get when you see it fall into a body of water. Whether your friends pushed you in a pool while your phone was still in your pocket or it just slipped out and fell on the ground, having a cracked screen or inoperable phone battery is no fun. And if it’s still in working order many of us neglect to repair it altogether. In fact, around 11 percent of iPhone users continue using their phone even if it is cracked. Here are a few tips to help you prevent cell phone water damage, phone battery damage, or a broken screen.