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Four Home Improvements That Can Earn You a Tax Deduction

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Home improvement deductions

According to CNN Money, Americans spent $125 million on home repairs and renovations in 2012. The fact is that improving your home can lead to an increase in its value, in your comfort, and in the aesthetic pleasure you take in your homestead. However, did you know that many common home renovation projects are eligible for home improvement deductions on taxes? Here are four of the most common.

  • Consider Your Roof
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    Did you know that, according to House Logic, replacing your roof cannot only earn you a sizable home improvement tax deduction but monthly savings on your energy bills? Installing a qualifying roof that reflects light instead of trapping

When is the Last Time You Slept Comfortably?

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Electric hospital bed

For many Americans, sleeping on a flat mattress can be very difficult. Some who suffer from arthritis, chronic back pain, or edema, a medical condition causing the legs and feet to swell from fluid accumulation are often looking for ways to get a good nights sleep and are frequently met with frustration. Fortunately, getting better sleep may be possible with adjustable beds.

Have you ever noticed that it is sometimes easier to fall asleep in a lounge chair than in a bed? Many find that to be the case, primarily because of the helpful incline. If you’re one of the many who often fall asleep in a lounge chair because it’s more comfortable than your bed, it might be a good idea for you to look into ergonom