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Everything You Wanted to Know About Pressure Assisted Toilets

Written by Channel 12 Portland. Posted in Pressure assisted toilets, Water efficient toilets

Commercial toilets

Do you ever really think about toilets? I know that I really do not. It just does nothing for me to think about them unless I come across a gold plated one or something like that. Then, of course, an acquaintance of mine threw out the fact that he was installing pressure assisted toilets throughout his new house.

That really piqued my interest. Pressure assisted toilets? What the heck are those? The basic workings of pressure assisted toilets works like this. There is a sealed inner chamber into which water is fed. This water mixes with air, creating pressure. This pressurized mixture is then shot out of the chamber to flush the toilet. Seems almost too easy, right? The water coming in from the water line gives