A Look at Purchasing Agent Job Description

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Are you considering a career change? You may be interested in the duties of a purchasing agent job description. Purchasing agents are also known as buyers, and can directly affect the profit of a business.

A purchasing agent job description includes ways that a company can spend the least amount of money to create a higher profit margin, yet still maintain high quality product offerings.

The purchasing agent job description states that the main duties of the buyer is to purchase goods, services or materials to ensure successful production. Additionally, these agents will also ensure a good work environment. An agent will also ensure the proper transport of services or goods. Many agents work closely with air cargo companies in this part of a purchasing agent job description. According to IBIS World research, the air cargo industry is expected to generate an estimated $75.4 billion by the end of 2013. In 2012, the global aviation industry transported approximately $6.4 trillion worth of cargo.

Within the purchasing agent job description, you will find how the use of air cargo services can affect a company. Point to point transportation through air freight carriers reduces the need for connection time and reduces the possibility of damaged goods. This ensures a high quality product delivery which is an important facet in the purchasing agent job description. Additionally, using direct cargo transportation services and freight shipping companies allow the cargo be transported in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

A purchasing agent job description also states that it is up to a buyer to ensure that their business does not run short on supplies. A buyer has to consider the quantity to order, as well as the cost of transport and delivery fees. The buyer also needs to be aware of labor costs required to unload and stock these supplies.

A purchasing agent job description shows that these people must be good a multi tasking because of the many processes and dealings that are going on.

There are many different industries and organizations that use the services of a purchasing agent job description. These companies include schools, hospitals and government facilities. Depending on the different companies, a purchasing agent job description may have different technical requirements. Find more.

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