Did a Movie Influence this Teen to Disappear? Four Portland News Updates

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Did you know that Portland was originally built at the end of the Oregon Trail? Today, Portland is a thriving city, with many local news stations reporting on local happenings. Here are four important updates from this week, via several local channels.

Movie Might have Influenced Teen to Disappear

An Arizona teenager, 18 year old Jonathan Croom, has gone missing after visiting friends in Washington, and his car was found abandoned in Southwest Oregon. He was due back home July 20th, but never showed up. According to Channel 12 Portland, his car was found not vandalized with money inside and enough gas, indicating it was willingly abandoned. His father has said that the teen watched the movie Into the Wild at least once a month, and might have been influenced by the tale of a man who drops everything he owns and goes to live in the wilderness.

Hit and Run Culture Encouraged

On channel 32 Portland, the News Editor has written a bold piece about how a lack of stigma and legal loopholes contribute to a hit and run culture. Because there are such harsh laws against drunk driving, there is actually an incentive for Oregonians to leave the scene of the crime in order to give themselves time to sober up. Channel 32 Portland concludes that laws on running after you hit someone need to be strengthened so that people are less likely to flee the scene of the accident.

Waterfront Shooting Under Investigation

A shooting landed three people in the hospital last Saturday night after three men opened fire on a group of people on the Portland waterfront. A group had rented out the Portland Spirit, and apparently the party attracted a number of gang members and associates, and an altercation ensued. Portland Channel 12 says that police have not yet located the suspects who were seen running west into the downtown area.

Car Ban Considered

8 News Portland reports that Corvallis is considering recommendations to ban freshman at Oregon State from bringing their cars to campus. The panel will be meeting on Tuesday to discuss the pan, and they will also consider creating remote parking lots for students. The increase in student population, which was nearly 25,000 in 2012, is driving the need for car limits.

What updates have heard from Channel 12, Channel 13, or NBC Channel Portland 8? Let us know in the comments!

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