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In order to stay up to date with your community, getting the latest news is a must, no matter where you live. While there are several ways to do that, including reading the paper every morning or in the evening after work, television remains the most popular option for people looking to stay informed. This means that tuning in to channel 12 news Portland Oregon residents will be able to get information and updates about all of the stories that are important to them. But Channel 12 Portland is not the only option that residents have. In fact, many find that 8 News Portland is the better choice. Either way, turning on the TV and watching the news is a great way to stay an active and knowledgeable member of your community.

One of the most interesting, if not upsetting, stories that Portland residents might learn more about by watching Portland Channel 12 or another reliable news station is the nearly-tragic shooting that occurred on August 29 on I-84. After being pulled over for a simple speeding violation, John Van Allen, a military veteran who was taking his three children on a road trip opened fire on the officer. The officer was hit but not severely wounded, but the asssailant was found a couple of miles down the road, dead, with a single bullet wound in his chest.

Yesterday, the Oregon State Police chose to release a video of the incident that was taken from the camera in the cruiser. It clearly shows the driver get out of the car, approach the officer, and open fire, despite the requests of the officer to remain in driver’s seat. The video can be found all over the web, but the easiest place to see it, if you don’t have time to watch the news, is the 8 News Portland website.

In fact, heading to the website is a great option for anybody who has a busy schedule that makes it difficult to sit down and read the newspaper or watch TV. Hopping online allows you to get updates about all kinds of stories, including the violent shooting, right from your desk at work or laptop while you lounge on the couch. Plus, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can get news updates while on the go and never have to turn on a weather channel Portland Oregon features to find out what will happen later in the day. As a result, news channel websites, like that of 8 News Portland, are one of the most helpful resources for individuals looking to stay informed.

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