Is It Time To Move Again? Rent a Pod This Time

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Just admit it now. You are not looking forward to the big move day. Sure, you are excited about moving into the new house, no need to rent anymore, it is your first real home. That part is great. It is the physical move itself that is sending shivers down your spine and causing you to wake in cold sweats.

Lucky for you, there is a better way to move now. There is no need to rent that behemoth of a moving truck. You do not need to worry about cramming everything into the back of the truck in an hour, driving it to the next city over, unloading in another hour, and then dropping the truck off all on the same day so it is cheaper. On top of the rental fees, do not forget to add in mileage and gas as well.

Now, all you need to do is put in a call to one of the local moving pod companies, and your problems will be solved in a flash. These moving pod companies offer storage and moving pods for rent at such a reasonable price that your move will only cost a fraction of what it would if you had rented the standard moving truck.

Daily rental fees from moving pod companies are so low that you could rent the pod for an entire week, three days pre-, three days post-move, and still not meet the rental truck price.

This is a great way to get started on your packing far enough in advance that you do not need to worry about feeling rushed. You can slowly work the big, extraneous furniture and boxes into the back of the pod, and as it gets closer to the move date, you can start working the more important stuff in, making sure that it is as secure and packed tightly as it can be.

From there, the pod company will come pick it up and deliver it to the drop off location. No need to worry about driving an enormous truck through city streets. They leave it at your new house, and then you unpack at your own speed again. Making sure that, as the boxes and furniture leave the pod, it goes to the exact right place. No need to shuffle and rearrange as you are unpacking, because you had the time to pack it with a strategy in mind.

Once you are done with the pod, whenever that may be, you call the company one more time, they come out, scoop it up, and whisk it away. No need to return a truck, even. Pods clearly are the more simplistic wave of the future of moving, and they should always be the first option when the time comes.

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  • David Russel


    i never knew that you could use these things for moves. i knew you could use them for storage, but not to move a whole house


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