Various Performance Management Strategy Self Help Books Can Help Individuals Deal with Changes in Life and the Guidance Needed

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In the life of any person, change is inevitable. People experience all different changes from one another and to various extremes, but the occurrence of some sort of change is unavoidable. The way that people respond to these changes differs as well. Some may welcome change with open arms seeing it as an opportunity for a fresh start to a new chapter in their life. Others, though, experience anxieties about change, due to the uncertainty of what it will bring. For those who may need guidance or methods for harnessing change, there are many self help books for change management techniques and performance managment methods.

Financial changes can cause many people to seek guidance and strategies for dealing with the effects. In America, 73 percent of people claim that money is the number one cause of their stress. Self help books for financial change management skills may be able to ease this stress.

The intent of a self help book is to help people deal with any wide range of personal issues that they may be experiencing. Self help books have been being published ever since the Civil War. In the last 50 years, the popularity of self help books has steadily grown. Today, there are approximately 2,000 self help books published each year. Individuals who are experiencing a need for performance managment or change management can seek various self help books for guidance and methods for dealing with these subjects.
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  • Natalie Thompson


    Self help books really have worked for me. I know not everyone believes in them, but they have made a big impact on my life.


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